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You've just found the best used parts service in the entire industry. With millions of cars and trucks on the roadways of America, there's a constant demand for quality and affordable OEM used parts. This is where our services can help you in a hurry. Instead of fighting for a low price on a subpar part in the overcrowded marketplace, Used Auto Parts Exchange offers an easy-to-navigate, one-stop shop for all your automotive needs.

With an enormous stockpile of quality OEM used parts, stellar customer service, unbeatable warranties, and a one-of-a-kind pricing guarantee we separate ourselves from every competitor with room to spare. Every customer leaves satisfied after finding the car or truck part for their particular needs. We never make shopping for auto parts complicated or stressful.

What We're Offering

We carry the widest array of used OEM car and truck parts in the entire industry. With everything from headlights to full engine assemblies for makes from Acura to Zimmer, you'll never have a problem finding exactly what you need for the automobile you drive. Even the rarest car on the market is covered at Used Auto Parts Exchange.

If it goes on or in an auto, we have it: Head and taillights; body parts, including fenders, bumpers, sunroofs, hoods, quarter panels, doors, and more; mirrors and windows; engines and transmissions; electrical components; and so much more. And everything we carry in stock comes in at an unbeatable price.

The Industry's Best Pricing Options

Quality is hard to come by in today's slash-and-sell world. And if you want quality for a low price, you may be doing a whole lot more searching than purchasing. But Used Auto Parts Exchange reverses that common trend. Not only are our parts the highest possible quality, but they're the most affordable in the business. In order to ensure that you're never overcharged, we include a low price guarantee on every used OEM part.

The gist: If you purchase a part from us and find the same part on the market at a lower price, we'll make up the difference to you and stuff your pockets with the extra cash.

You'll also save on shipping. Instead of contracting middlemen to do the heavy lifting, we deliver the part directly to your doorstep from our yards. In fact, we wave the shipping cost altogether. What you see on the site is what you pay for your part. There are never any hidden markups.

The Best Warranty Features

A good warranty is another hard-to-find feature on most used parts. Some stores offer a few months of protection and other stores offer zero. There's a simple reason for this: They don't want to eat the charge when their shoddy parts break down. Used Auto Parts Exchange doesn't do business this way. We're so sure of our quality that we're stamping our parts with a three-year warranty. You know it's quality if you purchase from us.

Eco-Friendly Service

We're a friendly service all-around, with a wonderful and helpful customer service department full of affable professionals who are always more than willing to help with any problem or question you have. But we're also eco-friendly as well.

Used Auto Parts Exchange makes a big deal about being environmentally conscience. Since we're an OEM used parts service, we're not operating huge factories and dumping tons of carbon into the overloaded atmosphere. Instead, we recycle parts straight from reputable salvage yards. And we always make sure to properly dispose of any item we're not using. Being green-conscious is important to us, not because it's a great business slogan, but because it's our planet too.

Feel free to shop our service if you're in need of an OEM used part for you car or truck. You can order directly from the site or call your order in. We're offering affordable quality with a fast delivery. Come in and see the difference a quality service makes.

View various parts featured by our Yard

2000 Porsche 911 
A/C Compressor
Stock Number: UXB160027199L
Fits: 2000 Porsche 911
Description: A/C Compressor
2.7, AUTO, RWD
Condition: Very Good
Warranty: 1-Year
Locality: Charlotte, North Carolina Yard
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1998 Isuzu Amigo 
Rear Lower Control Arm, Passenger Side
Stock Number: UXB164419967L
Fits: 1998 Isuzu Amigo
Description: Rear Lower Control Arm, Passenger Side
0.0, AUTO, RWD R, (2 Dr Sports & 4 Dr)
Condition: Very Good
Warranty: 1-Year
Locality: Tulsa, Oklahoma Yard
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2012 Honda Crosstour 
Ignition Switch W/Key
Stock Number: UXB145589845G
Fits: 2012 Honda Crosstour
Description: Ignition Switch W/Key
Coupe, Automatic Transmission
Condition: Very Good
Warranty: 1-Year
Locality: Chesapeake, Virginia Yard
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2012 Hyundai Veloster 
A/C Compressor
Stock Number: UXB172026624M
Fits: 2012 Hyundai Veloster
Description: A/C Compressor
1.6, AUTO, FWD (1.6L)
Condition: Very Good
Warranty: 1-Year
Locality: Montgomery, Alabama Yard
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2000 Dodge RAM 1500 
Front Axle Assembly
Stock Number: UXB172826634M
Fits: 2000 Dodge RAM 1500
rear wheel ABS, 3.55 ratio
Description: Front Axle Assembly
5.9, AUTO, 4X4 rear wheel ABS, 3.55 ratio
Condition: Very Good
Warranty: 1-Year
Locality: Boring, Oregon Yard
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2001 Pontiac Aztek 
A/C Compressor
Stock Number: UXB163985150L
Fits: 2001 Pontiac Aztek
Description: A/C Compressor
3.4, AUTO, FWD 3.4L
Condition: Very Good
Warranty: 1-Year
Locality: Little Rock, Arkansas Yard
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2000 Ford Excursion 
Front Axle Assembly
Stock Number: UXB170769284M
Fits: 2000 Ford Excursion
(4 wheel ABS), (13mm thick hub flange), 3.73 ratio
Description: Front Axle Assembly
6.8, AUTO, 4X4 3.73 ratio, 4 whl ABS, (13mm thick hub flange)
Condition: Very Good
Warranty: 1-Year
Locality: Eugene, Oregon Yard
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2003 Hummer H2 
Parking Lamp, Driver Side
Stock Number: UXB174898557M
Fits: 2003 Hummer H2
Park Lamp-Turn Signal; (grille mounted), Driver Side
Description: Parking Lamp, Driver Side
L, Parklamp/Turn Signal; (grille mtd), L.
Condition: Very Good
Warranty: 1-Year
Locality: Bakersfield, California Yard
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