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Used parts in Baton Rouge, LA area

Knowing where to find the nearest LKQ subsidiary and salvage yard can make a big difference when it comes to repairs and parts for your vehicle. A lot of people do not realize how important it is to use recycled car parts for their car repair needs. One of the main reasons why you should consider using recycled car parts for that dent on your fender or for that cracked headlight is the cost. Recycled car parts still work and are a whole lot cheaper than their brand new counterparts.

Another reason why people in Louisiana should consider using recycled car parts for their car repair needs is how it helps keep the surroundings clean. When used car part is used on their vehicle, they are saving the world from having to throw away a perfectly usable car part. The use of this recycled car part to fix a part of your car helps keep this used yet still useful car part from becoming garbage that can add to the litter around us. With the use of such recycled parts from LKQ subsidiaries and salvage yards, you do your part for the world while saving up on money at the same time.

Why Use Salvaged Car Parts from LKQ

Using recycled and used car parts salvaged from other vehicles not only saves you money in a lot of ways, it saves you time and effort in finding the appropriate car part near you and saves the environment as well. Looking for your used car parts from LKQ subsidiaries like LKQ Budget Auto Parts in Port Allen, Louisiana ensures you of quality used car parts that have undergone thorough scrutiny by the well-learned personnel of LKQ Budget Auto Parts.

There may be parts you need that have to be shipped from overseas, particularly for those foreign cars that some people may have. There are also people who find it hard to locate parts for their cars that have been around for a long time or have been discontinued from production. With the help of such companies like LKQ, you can find hard to locate car parts on their massive used car part database. Since there are other cars like the old one you have that may have parts salvaged from it and are now sitting in an LKQ salvage yard, you stand a bigger chance of finding that elusive car part with LKQ as compared to finding it elsewhere.

With genuine OEM parts that are scrutinized for quality, you can be closer to finding that same bumper or that same rear windshield or similar headlight that is now broken on your own vehicle from an LKQ salvage yard as compared to anywhere else.

Quality Assurances and Good Customer Relations

Not all salvage yards can assure you of the quality of the items that they sell. But LKQ and its subsidiaries follow a strict guideline that helps assure buyers of genuine OEM parts that are of a high quality. To back up the high quality of the parts that they sell, LKQ Budget Auto Parts and other LKQ subsidiaries nationwide offer used car part buyers a 30-day money-back guarantee on parts that do not work. If for any reason the part you purchased proved to be defective, you can return it to LKQ for a full refund. Another guarantee that buyers get to back up the quality of the used car parts that they purchase is the one-year warranty that you get from them on service and replacements. You can have car parts you buy from LKQ serviced within a year from purchase. This is another service that shows how highly LKQ holds their customers' satisfaction and needs in high regard.

Going to LKQ Budget Auto Parts

While you can have your car parts delivered to you, you can also visit LKQ Budget Parts yourself by heading to 4007 Interstate 10 Frontage Rd Port Allen, LA 70767. If you are from out of town, Port Allen is located on the west bank of the Mississippi River between Interstate 10 and US Highway 190. The salvage yard can be easily located since it is along Interstate 10 near Thorne Road. You can contact them through their phone number at 225-377-2000.

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