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Availing of the services of a salvage yard is one of the best ways to save on car expenses. This beats saving on gas mileage or biking to work on certain days because it saves you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. This is not only because used car parts are known to come in very low prices, but also because there are salvage yards that offer free delivery as well. One of these yards is the LKQ North Florida in Gainesville, which can be found on 9200 NW 13th Street. You can easily locate this yard at Highway 4415, an estimated 4 miles on the southern area of the Florida Highway Patrol station.

The Benefits from LKQ

A lot of people in Gainesville and even from other cities in the Alachua County have come to trust the LKQ North Florida name when it comes to used replacement car parts. This is because they do not only offer the best quality in their used car or truck parts, they add on other benefits to their product package as well. They provide free delivery to customers in Gainesville and other surrounding areas that they serve. As such, you are guaranteed to get the product that you need within 24 hours of ordering it. What's more is that these products come with a 30-day money back guarantee and a one-year warranty that you will surely appreciate. You will be able to get your money back if the used car part that you bought does not perform as promised or you can have it replaced or repaired.

The Reasons You Can Trust LKQ

There are a number of reasons on LKQ North Florida's reliability and dependability as a salvage yard. One of these is its being part of the LKQ Corporation, which has earned a network-wide achievement known as the Gold Seal certification that has been issued by the Automotive Recycling Industry. Because of this, you are assured of getting only the best OEM certified replacement parts from them. You are also assured that the used car parts that you got from the yard will perform and fit perfectly because they gone through the rigid quality checks of the salvage yard. The qualification process of the yard does not end after the procurement of the best and flawless scrapped vehicles where they can get the used car parts. This will also cover when the parts are already in their inventory and before they are shipped out. They are also cleaned and buffed before shipment or delivery so they will be ready to use upon receipt.

The convenience of having a local salvage yard is also one of the reasons on quite a lot of people trusting the LKQ North Florida's name. As Gainesville residents can easily reach the yard in less than 30 minutes if they need a used car part fast, they have come to rely in the services of the yard. If you live along either Archer or Waldo Road, you can be at the yard in about 22 to 26 minutes. You can even drop by here during one of your shopping trips to the Oaks Mall, which is 20 minutes away. It also takes this much time to get to the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium to watch the Florida Gators after having bought some used car parts at the yard.

Helping LKQ Save the Environment

You must also be aware that salvage yards are there not just because they want to make a business out of scrap. Their presence is also quite important in some other matters like saving the environment. This is because scrap yards like LKQ North Florida are actually helping the local government reduce the amount of scrap that they have to dispose of every year through recycling the car parts of the scrap cars that they procure. If you buy some used car parts from LKQ North Florida, then you are doing your part in lessening Gainesville's garbage along with the yard. This move is already a great step towards helping save the environment in your own little way. Buying used car parts may not mean that much to everyone. But, if you will only look closely at this, you will find that you have availed of a service that grants you not only a great deal of savings. It will also make you feel good about having done something to save the environment as well.

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