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Used parts in Chicago North, IL area

More and more people in the U.S. are beginning to see the value of using used car parts and servicing their vehicles themselves instead of buying new cars or having these serviced professionally. With the current economic crisis hitting not only the shores of the United States but the rest of the world as well, Americans are seeing that the value of having these self service scrap yards within their reach is indeed a blessing. The benefits of getting used car parts from a salvage yard like the LKQ Self Service Yard in Chicago include:

  • Lower costs for the parts you need. Since most new car parts often cost a pretty bundle, getting these parts from a salvage yard often saves you a lot since these parts are usually slightly used but still works.
  • Environmental benefits. Using used car parts not only help you cut costs, they also help the environment. You are simply using parts that would have otherwise littered the surroundings had these been thrown away instead of saved for use by other individuals. You are essentially doing the environment a big favor. You not only get a working piece for your vehicle at an affordable rate, but you are also helping keep the planet clean by using these parts from a salvage yard.

Better Used Car Parts at Chicago LKQ Self Service

Getting used car parts, if you are living in and around the Chicago area, is easy as long as you can find your way to the LKQ salvage yard there. Since LKQ is fast emerging as one of the premiere suppliers of used car parts in the U.S., getting your parts from an LKQ salvage yard like the one in Chicago can assure you not only of quality products but of quality service as well.

Looking for your car parts from the salvage yard at LKQ Self Service A-Reliable North in Chicago, Illinois is a smart move any which way you look at it. It is located at 2247 W. 139th Street, Blue Island, IL, 60406. You get quality parts from any LKQ outlet, including the one in Chicago, due to the fact that the LKQ network of salvage yards have genuine OEM parts for your car parts needs. Aside from getting quality parts, you also save up on shipping costs and pickup costs for parts that you have to buy from outside of your general area.

Reasonably priced auto parts for your vehicles can be found in LKQ Self Service A-Reliable North salvage yard and used car parts distributor. If you find that you are in need of parts for your car, whether damages were brought about by an accident or parts have become faulty due to the wear and tear of constant use, LKQ is the place for you.

Trust in LKQ for your Used Car Part Needs

Trusting LKQ in Illinois for your used car part needs will bring you the kinds of car parts that you can truly rely on since these parts are of a high quality and are genuine OEM parts for whatever car make and model you need. LKQ Self Service A-Reliable North carries a huge number of used car parts for the many different makes, models and brands of cars.

Another bonus you get from ordering these used car parts from LKQ Self Service A-Reliable North salvage yard and used car parts dealer in your area is the free delivery service that they offer to buyers. Since there are a huge number of LKQ branches all over the U.S., you can easily avail of this free delivery service for your purchased car part at no extra charge and no hassle to you. Shipping costs become a thing of the past with LKQ.

You can also be rest assured that your used car parts will work on your vehicle or you get your money back with the company's 30-day money-back guarantee. There is also a one-year service warranty on these used car parts.

Getting to the LKQ A-Reliable Salvage Yard in Illinois

While the company does ship your items to you free of charge if you are within the vicinity of the yard, you can actually go to the LKQ A-Reliable Auto Parts Yard yourself should you feel the need to do so. Since the yard is located at 2247 W. 139th Street, Blue Island, IL, 60406, you can find the yard near the corner of Maple and 139th Streets. It is also easily located between Seeley Ave. and the end of Chatham St.

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