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Saving on your car expenses, especially in cases of damage, is easy if you live in Bonifay, Florida. This is because there is an LKQ Auto Parts in your locality that could serve your needs for replacement parts. Located in 2497 Panhandle Lane, the LKQ Bonifay is where you can find recycled car parts for your late model car. Although LKQ only offers used car parts, you can be assured that they come with the best quality because they are all OEM certified. LKQ Bonifay itself belongs to the LKQ Corporation network that has achieved the Gold Seal certification issued by the Automotive Recycling Industry.

Their Quality Standards

LKQ Bonifay stands by the LKQ standards of always exceeding a customer's definition of quality every day. They pride themselves on having the best quality control standards in the industry of auto parts recycling. This is because they are also known for having the toughest requirements for car procurement in the industry. If a vehicle does not meet their requirements, this would be sent to the reject pile.

To make sure that their inventory is always reliable, LKQ Bonifay uses a VIN matching system that ensures the perfect fitting of parts to vehicles. They also see to it that the descriptions they give of their products are always precise and dependable. This is compounded by their action of continuing the quality inspections even when the products have already been added to their inventories. As they exert every effort to make sure that their customers only get the best quality used car parts, their products always fit and work out accordingly. You will also be quite glad to buy used car parts from LKQ Bonifay because they have been buffed and cleaned before they are delivered. This means that they are ready to be fitted to your vehicle.

Their Service Package

LKQ Bonifay does not only offer used car parts like headlights, bumpers, doors, hoods and wheels, they also provide used engines and transmissions. The great thing about LKQ is that they offer these products with a veritable package of benefits that you will surely appreciate. Their products come with a 30-day money back guarantee as well as one-year warranty, which can be seen as a testament to their reliability. A salvage yard would not give out such warranties if they do not believe that their products are up to par all the time.

Savings and Convenience

The LKQ Bonifay package also comes with a great deal of savings and convenience. This is because all of the used car parts that they offer come with very reasonable prices as well as free delivery. This means that you will be able to get replacement parts for your car at a price that is a great deal lower than brand new ones and save on the shipping cost as well.

Relying on a local salvage yard like the LKQ Bonifay is also very convenient when it comes to making personal purchases. If you don't like deliveries, you can just go over to the yard yourself to look for the used car part that you need. If you live on the North State Street, you can be at the yard in just 9 minutes and seven minutes of you live on the South State Street. You can even drop by there after you have done some grocery shopping at Woodham's Grocery and Deli at North Highway 79, which is just 11 minutes away. You can even make your purchase before watching some high school football at the Holmes County High School, which is just a five-minute drive away from the yard.

Save the Environment with LKQ

Aside from saving up some money from buying used car parts from LKQ Bonifay, there is also another saving that you can do. This is helping in saving the environment. There are now millions of tons of scrap in the US alone and salvage yards are doing their valiant best in recycling these. If you will buy the recycled car or truck parts from such yards like the LKQ, then you will also be doing your part in this recycling effort. If all of the people needing replacement parts in Bonifay will just buy used car parts, then there would be lesser scrap for the local government to deal with. This is already a great step towards saving the environment from being polluted with garbage forever.

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