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The economic crisis that is now being felt by almost everyone worldwide calls for the need of some saving measures. If you are looking to make some savings yourself, then one of the best ways to do this is to cut on your car expenses. Although saving on gas usage is one way of saving on car expenses, making use of recycled car parts is also another. With buying used car parts, you will be able to save on hundreds, if not thousands of dollars that you can use for other more important needs.

Saving Money While Saving the Environment

The cool thing about saving on car expenses through buying used car parts is that this is also a great way to help in saving the environment. By buying from a local scrap yard like the LKQ Raleigh Auto Parts, if you live in Garner in North Carolina, you will be helping in the garbage reduction efforts of your local government. Because recycling is one of the best ways to help save the environment and salvage yards are doing this, you will end up being part of the recycling efforts as well if you buy a recycled part. The used car parts that you would buy would mean a few less scrap for the government to deal with.

The Package that Comes with the LKQ Quality

Aside from being a great contributor to the recycling efforts of the government, LKQ Raleigh Auto Parts is also known for other equally great things. These are their reliability in providing you only the best quality used car part and the veritable package that comes with this part. This is because LKQ does not only provide you with premium OEM certified replacement parts. They also throw in a 30-day money back guarantee and a one-year warranty along with the package. Not to mention the free delivery that they offer within 24 hour after you ordered your used car part if you live in the areas that they serve. This means that if you live in Garner or in surrounding areas being served by LKQ Raleigh, not only will you be saving a great deal of money on the affordable prices but on shipping costs as well.

The Reasons behind the Reliability

LKQ Raleigh Auto Parts is part of the LKQ Corporation network, which has achieved the Golden Seal certification from the Automotive Recycling Industry. Because of this, you can expect utmost reliability from this salvage yard that stands by the reputation of the LKQ name. To make sure that they adhere to the high standards that come with the LKQ name, LKQ Raleigh has strict requirements when it comes to the procurement of the vehicles where they get used car parts from. If a car does not meet these requirements, this will be immediately sent to the reject pile of the yard.

LKQ also ensures that a customer is getting the exact used car part that he needs. This is done by making sure that their quality checks go beyond the inventory line. Once a product is being readied for delivery, it undergoes a rigid final check to make sure that it is in a mint condition. LKQ also makes certain that every used car part that leaves their yard have already been cleaned and buffed. This is so they are ready for use as soon as a customer gets them.

The Convenience that LKQ Provides

The location of LKQ Raleigh Auto Parts on 2928 on the US Highway 70 of East Garner is very convenient for Garner residents who like to purchase their replacement parts personally. This is because if they live on either North or West Garner Road, they can already be at the yard in 16 minutes. If they like to make their purchase after shopping at the White Oak Shopping Center on Shenstone Lane, they can already be at LKQ in about 13 minutes. If you yourself are planning to drop by LKQ on your way to a ball game at the Regal White Oak Stadium 14 on Timber Drive, you can be at the stadium after an 18-minute drive from the yard. The strategic location of LKQ Raleigh in Garner means that customers like yourself won't have to wait for 24 hours to purchase the recycled replacement part that you need. All you have to do is to drop by at the yard and you will already be attended to by LKQ's sales personnel who can address all your used car part needs.

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