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People nowadays are constantly seeking for solutions in order to address the coming economic and financial crisis. The situation urged the citizens to become practical in everything they do and in many different ways. A proof to this practicality is the booming business of salvage yards.

Salvage yards provide you with the parts - bumpers, seats, head lights, tail lights, wind shields, exhaust systems, engines, and transmissions - that are available at relatively low prices. There are even some that are offered with discounts and additional benefits like insurance and life time warranties. The parts that are marketed are of high quality and are comparable to those brand new parts that are brought from hardware stores and automobile companies. You can be assured that the replacement parts you bought will not breakdown easily. Here in salvage yards, especially in the LKQ Corporation, you can save money yet obtain high-end products and replacement parts.

Your Belief in the LKQ Corporation Matters

When it comes to the best in the salvage yard business, the name to trust is the LKQ Corporation.

  • LKQ leads in the wholesale of secondhand and used cars, trucks, and motorcycles.
  • They are dedicated to serving its customers and supplying them with car parts that are not only of high quality but also cheap and affordable.
  • They have the best offers like discounts and packages like insurance and warranties.
  • Their products come from reliable sources like auctions, private parties, charities, and many insurance companies.
  • They are equipped with professionals in their service staff who constantly trains for improvement and they are also provided with the latest facilities.
  • They abide the laws provided by the municipal and state regarding environmental concerns.

    Locating LKQ Foster - Westside

    The LKQ Foster - Westside is located at Sherwood, Oregon and operates from 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM from Mondays to Fridays and 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM during Saturdays. You can contact the salvage yard via their hotline at 503.625.3800

    The company was founded in 1962 and now, what was originally only 1 acre of land, has expanded to 72 acres in the Pacific Northwest. It is approximated that more than 15,000 vehicles are acquired annually. This is to support the maintenance of the 7,500 vehicles they keep and to provide the 200,000 used parts in their inventory where all cars from foreign and domestic settings are provided.

    The continuance of thirty-seven branches of the salvage yards all over 11 western states is a tedious task when doing the inventory of the major parts. But with the help of the technology like fax, phone and video streaming, and Internet from several regional representatives, the assessment of the goods is made possible. A department that receives and ships your requested parts is allotted for each branch in order to facilitate easy and safe delivery.

    Helping the Environment and More

    The LKQ Corporation is not only the best when it comes to leading the salvage yard business. When it comes to reducing and addressing the environmental issues, the company is also leading in minimizing the effects of the industry in the environment. There is a policy in the company that applies to all its branches and outlets nationwide that aims in reducing the environmental wastes from their landfills. Utilizing all the parts of a car or a truck is very important to them. This would not only increase their market display but in the process, this helps in the prevention of further production of brand new parts that requires additional energy and raw materials.

    The company also treats their wastes well. The products that they put up for display are cleaned thoroughly, making sure that the harmful fluids that come along with it like mercury and lead are removed and cleaned.

    When you purchase products from salvage yards, buying the used parts instead of the brand new ones, you can help in saving the environment by reducing the number of scrap metals and unused parts in landfill areas. This would not only help you and your family but also your neighbor, your other countrymen, and even the next generation.

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