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Used parts in St. Petersburg, FL area

Whenever your car bugs down and you can't get it to run because of damage to its parts, engine breakdown or any of those sometimes capricious breakdowns, the irritation of being unable to use the vehicle perks us. You got to the auto parts store at the corner but they don't have the parts that you need that fit your specifications. You ponder on buying from your auto parts dealer but you're taken aback because of the exorbitant prices. But then you want to get your car back on the road again and not gathering dust in your garage. So is there a solution to the problem? A solution wherein you can have the quality parts that you need at cheap prices but without compromising on quality.

Buying used auto parts is the wisest thing to do in these economically trying times. One of those that offer such product is LKQ Cophers at St. Petersburg, Florida. Not only will you get the best quality in used auto parts, you will also save a lot of money in the process. Be it clutch lining, gear assembly, engine parts, bumper, brake shoe, transmission lines, fenders, headlights and signal lights, they have it all at guaranteed quality and at low prices. And because the parts are of good quality, you save much and can drive with ease of mind knowing that your car will not fail you again at the most unexpected time. Moreover, buying from salvage yards help in cleaning the environment of scrap vehicle parts that otherwise would have just accumulated in a heap somewhere and become an eyesore.

Why Choose LKQ Cophers St. Petersburg?

If you live in St. Petersburg or on one of its surrounding areas, it makes sense if you will buy used auto parts for your car at LKQ Cophers. Located on one of the city's major thoroughfares, the yard is easy enough to spot as it is always swarmed by people hunting for the best deals on used auto parts. You will find all sorts of auto parts here. And because used parts are cheaper than new ones but just as dependable, the amount of money you save is huge. Moreover, the parts sold here are certified OEM replacement parts so you will not be changing parts often and can drive with ease of mind.

Aside from the inexpensive prices of parts sold here, you will sane more by going to the salvage yard. You can drive to the yard and pick up your order yourself instead of having to pay for shipping costs from out-of-town orders. More importantly, you get a host of other benefits that comes when you buy parts from LKQ Cophers at St. Petersburg. These include a year-long warranty for the part that you bought, attesting to the company's confidence on their products. Also, they offer a 30-day warranty wherein you can have your money back if the part you purchased doesn't measure up to the standard. Furthermore, at LKQ Cophers, you will get the best customer service from their professional attendants.

Guaranteed Quality Used Parts

If you dented your car's bumper and don't want your spouse to notice it, the best alternative is to replace the damaged bumper. Now it might be of interest to you to know that at LKQ Cophers, you are assured that you will have the part you need even for the latest vehicle model. Whether it is a utility vehicle or a sports vehicle, even your high-end luxury car, they have parts for them. This is because this yard specializes on the latest vehicle models, be it domestic or foreign. And because they abide by the highest standards in parts acquisition, you can expect only the best quality from them.

If you are living in the vicinity of St. Petersburg, you can easily be served by LKQ Cophers. If you live in Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, Pensacola, Palm Beach and other cities in Florida or in the nearby states such as Georgia and Alabama, it makes sense purchasing your needed auto parts at LKQ Cophers in St Petersburg.

The Road to LKQ Cophers at St. Petersburg

So if you've decided to trust on LKQ Cophers for your auto parts need, you can easily travel to their yard at St. Petersburg. They are located at 5105 64th Street North St. Petersburg. If you are from Tampa, it is only 30 minutes away. Major highways that pass through St Petersburg are Interstate 275, Interstate 4 and highway 45. From Orlando it is only a little less than 2 hours' drive.

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