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Are you looking for replacement parts for your car at a very cheap price? Are you having a hard time? Well, there's a solution to that and it's the salvage yards. The salvage yards are where metal scraps, auto parts, and reusable vehicles like cars and trucks are marketed at very reasonable, affordable, and discounted prices. You might think that the affordability and low price of the products are good indicators that they are also of low quality and would eventually breakdown. This assumption is wrong because there are many salvage yards that are very reliable and very trustworthy and among these salvage yards is the LKQ Corporation.

Reasons for Choosing LKQ

The following are reasons why most people prefer LKQ than other salvage yards

  • The car parts from the LKQ Corporation look brand new because they are conditioned thoroughly before are displayed.
  • LKQ auto parts do not break down while you are on the middle of a very long travel.
  • The primary mission of the LKQ Corporation is to provide its customers in the automotive and repair industry with cheap and affordable auto parts and vehicles.
  • The replacement parts came from reliable sources - insurance companies, charities, private parties and auctions. This way, you can be sure that the parts are not stolen from anybody plus the prices are well proportioned in such a way that profits would still be made even if the parts are sold cheaply.

    LKQ is considered the largest recyclers in all of the United States. And not just that, they are also among the biggest retailers of secondhand and used cars in the country. Their yards are very well organized and their products and vehicles grouped neatly by make and by model. In accordance to their policy to be environmentally friendly, all vehicles are well inspected prior to display to make sure that hazardous materials and fluids that could be pollutants like mercury and lead are removed.

    The company is also equipped with friendly and energetic staffs and professionals who can willingly help the customers. They are constantly under training and seminars to augment their knowledge and proficiency and they are also provided the latest technology for research and development purposes.

    Recently, the LKQ Corporation has extended its branches outside the border of the United States to Canada.

    Getting to LKQ Dominion

    In Ontario, Canada, LKQ acquired a foothold in the area with its Dominion outlet that was acquired from Shaw Auto Recyclers and Headline Auto parts in Canada. The company aim to improve their distribution of recycled automotive collision parts throughout Canada. With an inventory that arrives every day, LKQ Dominion has the widest choices of rebuilders and has the largest collections of used car parts. They also offer to pay a finder's fee.

    The LKQ Auto Parts Dominion is located at 404 Fruitland Road Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada L8E 5L9. Customers can normally reach them at phone number 905-570-8797 or hotline number, 1-800-688-9593. Customers can also fax them at 905-643-6166. You can also email them or visit their website on the Internet.

    Policy on Environmentally Friendly Services

    The company aims to reduce environmental waste and provide products that provide safety its customers. This is why they have a policy that helps promote their goal and help clean and save Mother Nature during the process. Their policy on helping clean the environment involves recycling the parts that can be useful again in order to reduce the amount of raw material and energy needed for the production of new parts. Not only do they have this excellent green policy, the company is also careful when dealing with their wastes and of the harmful fluids that old vehicles contain. They have developed a system on how how they can properly dispose a car. There are several international and national laws that they obediently abide particularly when dealing with hazardous contaminants.

    You can check out LKQ Dominion and see how their products, scraps, and landfill wastes are reduced at a considerable level. You can also do your part in helping save the environment by supporting the salvage yards of the LKQ Dominion.

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