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Used parts in Tampa-Clearwater, FL area

There is no better way for you to save on car expenses and this is availing of used car parts for your replacement needs. Although saving on gas usage is also another way for you to save on your car expenses, it is really the purchase of car parts that can eat more into your budget. To do away with this, you need to trust more on the capability of salvage yards to provide you with quality car parts. If you are living in Clearwater, Florida, then there is a salvage yard in your locality that you can depend on. This is the LKQ Cophers-Clearwater. Located on 12501 40th Street North, this salvage yard is your one-stop shop when it comes to recycled replacement parts like headlights, bumpers and even used transmissions and engines.

The LKQ Package

Availing of the used car parts offered by LKQ Cophers is getting not only quality but also guarantee. This is because aside from offering only OEM certified replacement parts, they also offer these parts in a veritable package that is guaranteed to please. These products also come along with a one-year warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee. This will give you the peace of mind that you need in case the used parts that you got won't perform as great as you expected. On top of this is that you will have these products delivered to you for free, 24 hours after you have ordered them. This is especially if you are living in the Clearwater area and in other cities in the Tampa Bay Area like St. Petersburg and Tampa itself. Not paying anything for the shipping or delivery of your ordered used car parts also means another saving opportunity for your car expense budget.

Why Depend on LKQ

If you are looking for a dependable and reliable salvage yard, then there is nothing better than LKQ Cophers-Clearwater. This is not only because they provide OEM certified used car parts but also because they are part of the well-known LKQ Corporation. This means that they belong to the network that has achieved the Gold Seal certification that has been given by the Automotive Recycling Industry. Because of this, you are certain that you will only be getting the very best from the salvage year, including their customer service. Every salesperson of LKQ is knowledgeable in their field. They have been trained and educated so they are able to answer all the questions that you might ask regarding the used car parts that you need.

Another solid thing about LKQ is their stringent qualification standards when it comes to getting the cars that they get their used car parts from. Their procurement requirements are very tough that they are known to reject flawed cars right away. This means that you will only be getting used car parts that are guaranteed to give you the maximum performance. You are also assured that LKQ only gives the most precise and consistent descriptions of their products. This means that the used car that you will be getting will fit and perform in your car perfectly. As they have been cleaned and buffed before they were delivered to you, then your purchased used car parts are also ready to be used once they get to your home.

Convenient Way of Saving the Environment

Because LKQ Cophers-Clearwater is based right in your locality, there is also an added advantage that it can give and this is convenience. You will be able to drop by this salvage yard during their opening hours to make your used car part purchase personally in less than 30 minutes or so. If you live near the Gulf to Bay Boulevard, then LKQ Cophers is only about 15 minutes away from you. It is even just 22 to 25 minutes away from the US Route 19 and the Courtney Campbell Causeway. You can shop at the Northwood Plaza on North McMullen Booth Road and be at the yard in about 18 minutes before taking advantage of the seafood or Italian restaurants in the area. Of course, availing of used car parts in LKQ Cophers lets you do another kind of saving as well and this is doing your part in saving the environment. As used car parts are recycled parts from scrapped cars, then buying them would also mean that you are recycling as well. This would result in your helping to lessen the garbage that need to be taken care of by your local government. In buying from LKQ, you are not adopting a great saving measure for your car expenses, you will also be doing a great thing in saving your environment from its mounting garbage.

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